Winzinger Strasse 61, 67433 Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, RP You can find our opening times under & quot; Our location & quot; 06321 9291404



    A unique gastronomic experience and enrichment like no other

    This is one of the most exciting restaurants in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse for years - these guys have years of experience and that also shows up, from the decor to the presentation - it's perfect! I'm so glad they moved here from Speyer.

    David Baumann


    A culinary adventure trip from India to Germany over several generations, and a service that aims to rekindle old values

    Maharaja Restaurant specializes in traditional Tandoori dishes and North Indian cuisine.

    Due to a non-extended lease, the decision of Speyer to move to Neustadt an der Weinstraße was made after 28 years. Under new / old management of the son of the former owner from Speyer, Simon Daniel, the family business is now continued in the Winzinger road. In addition to the consistently high quality of the food and ingredients, some renewals were carried out. On the one hand, more regional products are used, which already starts with the wines and beers offered, on the other hand, it completely dispenses with glutamate.

    Simon, who has completed a completed hotel education, and has gained several years of management experience in the hotel and catering industry in Germany and the USA, is especially the guest handling at heart:

    "The Maharaja Restaurant is a place of peace and joy, guests and staff should feel equally comfortable.

    When I moved back from the US to Germany, I noticed that the guests in many restaurants is given too little attention. It's not hard to make someone smile or make you feel welcome. Unfortunately, this message is not given to enough restaurant professionals today, and thus this special treatment is denied many restaurant visitors. This should not be the case with us. "

    The new Maharaja offers delicious food that you can savor without hesitation, a cozy tasteful ambience, delicious custom cocktails, attentive service and fair prices.

    We look forward to your visit!

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